Safety Through Automation

Safety is essential to any modern manufacturing environment. Team members who know that their workplace prioritizes safety are more efficient and productive. A good safety program helps curb injuries and protect against the massive liabilities that can result if regulations aren’t followed.

shutterstock_423338848.jpgOnce a mature safety program is in place, it can be difficult to determine where to go from there. It may seem there’s a “natural” level of safety incidents that can’t be improved upon any further. Good training, good policies, and good technologies all contribute to workplace safety. When one aspect has yielded all the results it can, the best way to build on success is another approach.

Automation offers huge potential to enhance safety at manufacturing sites of all sizes.

At Nexus Automation, Your Safety is Our #1 Priority

You already know manufacturing automation can expand productivity and unlock savings. Have you considered how it can also contribute to your quest for industry-leading safety?

Automation strengthens safety in these ways:

Workflow Optimization

By implementing automation, you have the opportunity to eliminate pinch points and other major hazards on the work floor. There’s no need to accept a trade-off between safety and productivity, since the entire system can be designed to incorporate both.

Process Streamlining

In an ideal situation, automation can take dangerous processes completely out of human hands. A complicated, multi-step routine with many fault points can be distilled down to pressing a single button. This completely removes some injury potential.

Workforce Reduction

The fewer people on the floor at any one time, the less opportunity there is for injury. When automation simplifies key processes, workers can focus their efforts on high-value tasks. They can also spend more time looking out for each other’s safety without compromising their targets.

At Nexus Automation, safety best practices are built right into every one of our systems. Each of our machines is designed to operate in failsafe mode, further reducing reportable incidents. That helps you boost morale, retention, and reliability.

Productivity and safety should go hand in hand. To find out more, contact the automation experts at Nexus Automation today.

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