Benefits of Build to Print

In our last post, we defined build to print – planning, designing, developing, and implementing a custom fixture according to your blueprint or model.

Now, we’re going to dive a little deeper.

What bottom line benefits can you expect when you decide to use build to print? Why choose Nexus Automation for your project instead of doing it yourself?

The reasons are clear:

Build to Print Helps When Resources Are Limited

There are many manufacturing concerns with skilled, knowledgeable internal teams. When those teams are focused on tough quality and productivity targets, however, the resources needed for a new fixture may simply not be accessible. With build to print, you can ensure blue sky projects don’t have to take a back seat to daily operations.

Build to Print Accelerates Implementation Time

Designing a new fixture represents a huge leap toward making it a reality. Still, there are many other steps: Drafting, assembly, testing, and documentation, among others. Nexus has unique competencies in developing and deploying complete systems – we manage your project in a fast, cost-effective way while staying true to your vision.

Build to Print Opens the Automation Ecosystem

Build to print relies on your existing prints or model. What happens if you discover a better solution halfway through the process? If you’re working internally, that would mean it’s time to scrap the idea and start over. With Nexus, you can segue into whatever other fixture development, engineering, or other support services you might need.

With years of experience in automation, our engineering team uses cutting-edge Design for Manufacturability (DFM) methods in every project.

Our DFM-focused approach means:

  • You get end-to-end optimization in fabrication, assembly, test, supply chain, and service.
  • Cost control is built into every step – there are never any hidden fees or strings attached.
  • Quality, reliability, regulatory compliance, and safety are top concerns in every decision.

That means no matter how complex or crucial your new system is, Nexus will always strive to maximize your satisfaction … and do it at maximum speed so you can see ROI fast.

To learn more, call or email us today.

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