Turnkey Automation

Sometimes, you might have to ramp up for a while before you’re ready to reap all the benefits of automation. Nexus Automation’s fixture development, proof of concept, and other services are ideal for manufacturers who need to improve one key aspect of production quickly.

What happens when you’re ready for a complete, end-to-end automation solution?

That’s when it’s time to consider how our complete automation can help you.

Reduce Manual Input to the Minimum with Complete Automation from the Experts

Complete automation is where it all comes together. Using our state-of-the-art facilities, we can design, develop and deliver a solution suite that will reduce human input to the lowest levels.

After consulting with you on your existing process and its pain points, we engineer your new technology using insights from both the process and system perspective.

That includes:

  • Complete “design for manufacturability” expertise with the latest 3D modeling tools.
  • Control software that meets your needs and adapts easily to changing production goals.
  • Ultra-precise equipment including wire EDM and next-generation CNC machines.
  • An expert view on industry regulations and your own internal safety standards.

Nexus Automation Is Uniquely Positioned to Launch Complete Automated Systems

At Nexus Automation, we understand the importance of synthesizing people, processes and technology in achieving a complete system.

Whether working on a complete system or with a single fixture, one thing remains the same: The importance of a deep knowledge of the existing production floor and your environment. Your goals are at the heart of every design — we work with you every step of the way.

No other team centralizes the expertise and technology to build a complete solution from scratch.

Get Started with Complete Automation Today by Contacting Our Engineering Team

When you want to realize the greatest production gains in the shortest amount of time, there’s no substitute for complete automation. The efficiency and savings can transform your business fast.

To do it, you need a knowledgeable, experienced team with industry insight and the best tools. To begin, call or email Nexus Automation. We’re looking forward to helping you succeed.

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