Improving Functionality Through Automation

There are many challenges in manufacturing, but they all come down to one key thing:

Does the equipment do what you expect it to do – easily – every time you use it?

shutterstock_419280511.jpgIf a machine or system doesn’t perform as expected, it doesn’t matter how inexpensive it was or how quickly it was delivered: It isn’t worth the money invested in it. As fundamental as this is, manufacturers still face challenges making sure custom equipment really provides the expected value. At Nexus Automation, our entire process is built around the core concept of functionality so there’ll never be any surprises.

Testing at Every Level is Essential to Automation Success

At your manufacturing plant or worksite, you probably have strict quality standards.

Whether you adhere to Six Sigma, Lean, Kaizen, or another approach, you’re expected to uphold it consistently and deliver results. At Nexus Automation, we feel the same way about our performance. Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) is one of the keys to our consistent quality. All FAT testing is performed before installation to ensure required functionality will work as expected.

FAT is executed according to an exacting testing plan. Before testing starts, clients have the opportunity to review the test plan and add their own comments and requirements. FAT helps ensure you receive all the assurances and collateral you need. Depending on your project, that may include:

  • Performed FAT protocol
  • Maintenance documentation
  • User manuals
  • Spare parts inventory listing
  • Certificate of compliance
  • As-built drawings
  • Materials and calibration certificates
  • Equipment data sheets

The goal of any automation project should be a “one and done” experience where the client’s team takes over seamlessly after installation. Testing is one key aspect of making that idea a reality.

Testing Expertise Helps Align Expectations With Real Performance

Just knowing what a test should consist of doesn’t ensure quality implementation. It’s essential that technicians performing the testing understand the system, the intended work environment, and how all relevant performance standards fit together.

At Nexus Automation, testing is never an afterthought – so you can rely on our results.

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