The Importance of Serviceability in Automation

Sooner or later, even high-quality equipment will require service. After long periods of operation, some downtime is a virtual certainty. The challenge? Making sure you’re ready to bring your fixtures back online as soon as possible.

In today’s challenging, fast-paced manufacturing world, competitive enterprises aim for 99% uptime and comparable quality. To achieve that goal, fixtures should be designed with serviceability in mind from the start.

shutterstock_93445342.jpgWhat Is Serviceability and Why Does It Matter?

Every fixture will eventually need service, but not all of them are serviceable.

Serviceability is a core design feature — a customer-focused way of thinking about engineering, processes and documentation so inevitable mechanical issues can be managed efficiently.

When serviceability is a priority, it means you can reliably and consistently prevent and resolve technical issues without major disruption to your automation strategy.

That means that when issues arise, they shouldn’t:

  • Present safety hazards greater than the norm on your production floor.
  • Require world-class expertise or components that are hard to replace.
  • Demand major, disruptive changes in your production configuration.

Nexus Automation Develops Fixtures with Serviceability in Mind

Sad as it is to admit, serviceability is not a priority among all engineering firms.

For some, inconsistent performance and results are part of the bottom line. Greater serviceability would mean your enterprise can independently manage its own fixtures after hand-off — and that would mean fewer long-term maintenance contracts and costly emergency fixes.

At Nexus Automation, we believe the performance of your fixture should speak for itself.

Even when issues arise, we give you all the documentation and knowledge you’ll need to keep fixtures in working order. That begins with our selection of components and with designs that keep your service and maintenance realities foremost in mind.

Our serviceability standards are enhanced by a comprehensive and effective hand-off process.

When we complete your fixture or total automation solution, you get complete diagrams and end-to-end documentation including as-built, component lists, and more. Plus, our team will train yours on getting the most from your devices and keeping them in working order.

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