Closing the Time-to-Market Gap Through Automation

When it comes to bringing new innovations to market, days can make the difference. Running just a week behind a close competitor could mean being shut out of key sectors.

shutterstock_545208754.jpgWhat could have been an easy stroll to dominance turns into a long, hard, uphill slog.

What’s worse, manufacturing brands are facing more pressure from small startups and from companies elsewhere in the world. Barriers to entry are falling, and the industry is more crowded than ever. That means more opportunities for others to eat your lunch.

You can’t control the creative process, but you can control manufacturing – through automation.

Automation Accelerates Time to Market for Crucial Products

Dozens of processes go into product development, and many of them are time-intensive:

  • Market testing to determine where untapped opportunities lie;
  • User acceptance tests that help refine prototypes into products;
  • Regulatory compliance issues on the state and federal levels.

Many of these sap months from a product’s go-to-market timeline. Insurmountable issues can mean they take longer than expected. But, when it comes to the manufacturing phase, you have the power to pick up the pace – by automating production.

End to end automation helps you win back lost time and position yourself as a market leader. It also helps reduce lifetime production costs and curb safety issues that come from using new machinery. It can cut 30%, 40%, or even 50% off production timelines.

That means a shorter time to market and a better bottom line.

Automation Makes Your New Concepts More Versatile, Too

What if you reach the market first – then realize there’s a serious oversight?

Maybe, despite all your best efforts, customers want something a little bit different from what you conceived. That’s okay: Setbacks can produce valuable intelligence if you’re ready to use it.

With automation, you will be.

A fully automated system means you can easily retool for minor design or quality changes revealed by your early market results. Without automation, you might have to start from scratch.

At Nexus Automation, we develop efficient, cost-effective systems for complete manufacturing automation.

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