Pharmaceutical Industry Automation: The Time Has Come

When it comes to quality, few industries in the world are as rigorous as pharmaceuticals.

shutterstock_547050049.jpgIn this ever-changing environment, a tiny defect has serious consequences. Even in situations where the well-being of the end user is unaffected, quality issues can sour relationships with the rest of the supply chain: suppliers, insurers, providers, and more.

Until recently, technology has not always been equal to the challenge of precise, end to end automation under these conditions. Now, however, complete automation is not only possible – it’s the only way to cut preventable errors to the absolute minimum.

We are proud to be at the forefront of providing such systems.

Pharmaceutical Automation is the Key to Robust Compliance and Safety

Compliance is among the biggest expenses in any enterprise connected with pharmaceuticals.

Every company needs “tried and true” methods to ensure they meet compliance obligations. Now, through advanced sensors and machine vision technology that can detect even the smallest product defect, manufacturing systems can be relied on to reach your standards.

With the right automation solution, you can:

  • Arrest the spiraling costs of regulatory compliance with effective, purpose-built systems;
  • Adjust seamlessly to later regulatory changes without worrying about extensive retooling;
  • Minimize the possibility of cross-contamination and other problems that can ruin batches;
  • Inculcate a lean and skillful workforce whose experts focus on strategic, high-value tasks.

You Need an Automation Solution Built With True Pharmaceutical Insight

Pharmaceutical manufacturing isn’t the same as fabricating widgets. It has unique challenges – even compared to producing, for example, medical equipment.

Production runs in pharmaceuticals are larger, with more precise inputs, smaller outputs, and faster operations. The fragility of the final product means systems must be carefully optimized to overcome more potential points of failure.

Despite all these challenges, however – pharmaceutical automation is coming.

Not just to the factory, but to the laboratory and warehouse.

At Nexus Automation, we strive to prepare our pharmaceutical clients to operate effectively in a world where technology will be integrated into every step of their business process in new ways.

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