How Automation Increases Production and Ultimately Lowers Production Costs

What’s your #1 competitive advantage?

shutterstock_310879154.jpgYou might have an excellent product, a trusted brand, or the best manufacturing team around. All those things contribute to success. Without rigorous cost control, however, you’ll never be able to maximize the benefits from your other unique qualities.

When manufacturers look to automation, they’re often looking for an immediate edge that will let them boost production. In the long run, though, the most powerful thing about automation may be the fact that it will cut costs throughout your process.

The longer you use automation, the more powerful its savings.

Automation Yields Real Results as a Cost-Cutting Measure

Automation lets you unlock more production hours on your floor. With the right system, you may be able to deliver 1,000 units in the time it once took you to make 100.

As valuable as that is, it’s only the beginning. In the long run, automation ensures that every aspect of your operation runs more smoothly. That’s where real savings is made, and the exact amount scales with the size and complexity of your facility.

A custom automation system may be the fastest way to reassess and reduce “fixed costs.”

Some areas where it can help include:

  • Simplifying processes to cut down fault points and maintenance issues;
  • Improving ergonomics, thus reducing compliance costs and liabilities;
  • Delivering more predictable results, higher quality, and fewer defects.

It deserves to be said that, used correctly, automation is also the best way to make the most of your skilled employees. Team members appreciate the opportunity to focus on high-value tasks and morale improves when automation raises workplace safety.

Need to Justify Custom Automation? Look at the Ledger

It can be hard for engineering and equipment managers to get a fair hearing at the highest levels of executive leadership, but automation is an investment that counts. We can even help you find areas where you’re likely to capture immediate savings.

At Nexus Automation, we design, develop, and deploy custom automation systems that will deliver ROI on quality and cost – now and in the future.

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