3 Benefits To Process Automation In Manufacturing

Process automation makes the difference between success and failure in manufacturing.

All over the world, the story is the same: Enterprises that aggressively adopt end-to-end process automation seem to inevitably outperform rivals that drag their feet. Why? It’s simple.

The beneshutterstock_532124242.jpgfits of automation are experienced right away, but they’re also cumulative over time. The sooner you get started with automation, the faster competitive advantages will accrue.

The basic benefits of automation are obvious: Efficiency, productivity, and profitability. However, the transformative power of automation goes even deeper than that. Some major benefits of process automation are often overlooked.

Three of them are:

1) Greater Adaptability to Changing Market Conditions

With process automation, you don’t have to worry about manually retooling every aspect of your shop floor when product specifications change. With 90% of the process fully automated, you can focus your attention on the 10% that needs adjustments to meet your needs. That means you can turn your strategy around on a dime without losing crucial time to re-engineering.

2) Better Safety and Ergonomic Experience for Employees

Process automation can produce a much better experience for employees at all levels. When systems are automated, they can be re-developed with the safety and comfort of team members in mind. This reduces both safety accidents and human error. Underlying morale issues can be addressed, as automated systems cut down on stress positions and dangerous pinch points.

3) Optimization of Your Capital Equipment and Space

For many manufacturers, capital equipment costs are the big limiting factor that slows down growth. But, it’s not really the equipment that radically raises overhead – it’s the space you put the equipment in. With a custom-built automated system, you could find that you use even less space. That means no worrying about having to upgrade to a bigger, more expensive facility.

When It Comes to Automation, It’s Time to Seize the Day

Automation isn’t just a good idea – it’s quickly becoming a requirement for success.

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