How Automating R & D Testing Helps You Move Ahead Of The Pack

shutterstock_406256809.jpgWhen it comes to automation, the pharmaceutical industry is the next great frontier.

And why not? Automation is the ideal solution to some of the pharmaceutical industry’s most vexing challenges. Nobody faces tighter quality demands or more complex regulations. With automation, you can get repeatable, reliable results that deliver on those tough needs.

But automation isn’t just about maintaining the status quo.

Used correctly, it can also become your secret weapon in a crowded market.

Pharmaceutical Automation is the Key to Competitive Success

Pharmaceutical R&D is the major engine of growth and innovation for some of the world’s most amazing companies. Unfortunately, it’s also a cost center that has to be reckoned with in any long-term strategic plan. The faster and more effective R&D is, the better it is for everyone.

Drug discovery is already built around automated testing and instrumentation on a number of levels. Some of the greatest scientific breakthroughs in modern history – like mapping the human genome – have depended on it.

More and more companies across the pharmaceutical supply chain are leveraging automation for:

  • Analyzing cell cultures, biological reactions, and chemical composition;
  • Manufacturing pharmaceutical products and inspecting them for quality;
  • Achieving deeper visibility and efficiency in logistics and delivery;
  • Developing backup systems to future-proof against new regulations.

Bring Products to Market Faster – and Keep Costs Down – Through Automation

The pace of pharmaceutical automation is accelerating, but it’s not too late to get started. Smaller companies that adapt effectively to the new automated landscape can often compete head-to-head with their larger global rivals.

When bringing a new product to market, everyone is faced with the same regulatory challenges. Since you can’t control the timing of permissions and permits, automating R&D itself is the fastest way to use operational time more effectively.

As anyone who’s been in the industry knows, days can mean the difference between success and failure. A promising product can be left practically useless thanks to a more agile competitor.

Whether your company is large or small, the time for pharmaceutical automation is now.

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