3 Ways Custom Fixture Design Can Improve Factory Safety

Your factory’s safety is a reflection on the quality you offer both customers and employees.

A safer workplace raises morale and leads to greater productivity, helping you attract top talent. You also save money when you don’t have to worry about scheduling changes and liability brought on by workplace injuries.

Good safety practices support reliable products for your customers – reducing returns, defects, and the legal entanglements they can generate.

Custom fixture design is one of the most effective ways to generate lasting gains in safety.

With custom fixture design, you can:

Reduce Repetitive Stress Injuries

Repetitive stress injuries are a serious problem in manufacturing. Musculoskeletal disorders are especially common, with forearm injuries a constant concern. Studies show that, while younger workers are at risk, experienced pros doing new tasks can get hurt, too.

Ergonomics are crucial for safe fixtures: Reducing resistance and reach height on levers and buttons, for example, can curb strain caused by repetition. Through custom fixture design, tasks become simpler and produce less discomfort.

Prevent Caught-In/Between Accidents

In 2015, caught-in/between accidents caused 67 deaths in construction alone. Unfortunately, most legacy manufacturing equipment was not designed with adequate failsafes against this issue. The more crowded a factory floor gets, the more likely a caught-in/between accident is.

Modern custom fixture design can all but eliminate fatal caught-in accidents and significantly reduce injuries. Built-in sensors and redundant emergency controls can stop machinery before injury takes place. Edges can be smoothed and dangerous surfaces repositioned.

Simplify Maintenance

Maintenance provides a dual hazard for your business and your workforce. Every moment a machine is down, productivity is impaired – lines may even need to come to a stop. At the same time, performing maintenance exposes a worker to a number of safety risks.

Maintenance is indispensable, of course: But making an access panel easier to reach and reorganizing its components based on common workflows can prevent mistakes. That stops accidents before they start… and easier maintenance usually gets done more proactively, too.

At the end of the day, custom fixture design can improve your safety record for years to come.

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