Contract Manufacturing

All the benefits of outsourcing without the worries. Our contract manufacturing lets you get started, ramp up, or wrap up your manufacturing. Achieve your manufacturing goals at a lower cost across every stage of product prototyping, test marketing, and even mass production scale. Partner with Nexus Automation and you’ll receive fast, personalized service directly from an expert team. (Every contract manufacturing project is overseen by experienced project managers and executed by highly credentialed engineers.) You’ll benefit from the clarity and communication of an in-house, 100% U.S.-based team that provides a professional, streamlined concierge experience.

Early-Stage Growth

We’ve helped numerous early-stage companies enter the market and gain a foothold in their respective fields. With our very own machine shop onsite, we are equally positioned to extend long-term manufacturing support for projects lasting six months or more – and we offer complete solutions for your finalized commercial product. By partnering with Nexus Automation for contract manufacturing needs, you can pare down your inventory management and fulfillment, and ensure on-time delivery of all your key customer commitments. Nexus is set up with a supply chain that works, delivering your complete early-stage product (or portion thereof) with the highest quality and most cost-effective solutions.

Electromechanical Assemblies

All of the equipment and resources required for successful electrical wiring and mechanical assembly are onsite within our facility. For our clients, this means a one-stop shop for entire assemblies. With proven engineering and project management excellence from start to finish, Nexus Automation integrates a world-class team with every project. We stand for superb quality based on ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified quality management standards. All documentation, management, and monitoring for exceptional quality will be provided to you. As your enterprise grows, Nexus Automation is dedicated to partnering with you.

Engineering for Manufacturing

Clients experience substantial, sometimes intangible benefits from our turnkey capabilities crucial to engineering for manufacturing. From the product development phase through commercialization, we can be your partner. We have the capability to design and build electrical and mechanical machine parts, develop software designs and complete electromechanical assemblies. We outperform our competitors, as most companies are equipped for partial assemblies and manufacturing. Nexus Automation has all the resources onsite to complete your project, from concept to creation.

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Contract Manufacturing Projects

Contract Manufacturing

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Client Testimonials

Sandeep and his impressive team bring together a rare set of skills and have proven themselves time and again for our group at Tesla. We’ve worked with Nexus Automation for design and machining work on numerous occasions and they’ve always met our deadlines. Their process has been seamless. I like working with Sandeep because he carefully listens to our requirements and goes out of his way to offer the best solutions/consultations no matter how busy he is. Our communications have always been honest and transparent, and I find Sandeep a pleasure to work with.

Harsha M

I’m thoroughly impressed by Nexus Automation’s efficiency and quality work. We hired Nexus for a project that involved unique, complex details requiring attention to detail to tedious work — and we were impressed by the ease with which Sandeep and his team handled it all. Nexus Automation was able to accommodate our fluid schedule and completed the work ahead of schedule. Nexus team proved to us that they are more than capable of handling a project, start to finish, for high-profile, highly scrutinized industry-leading client.

Rob P

Sandeep (Nexus Automation) has provided support for numerous fast-paced projects of various sizes over the past year and half for me and my team, ranging from custom part manufacture to build-to-print systems to mechanical design. I have been able to rely on him and his team to deliver on time, and he has been able to accommodate any changes with ease. I’m continually impressed by his dedication and involvement – whenever unexpected issues come up, he steps in to quickly fight fires and solve problems. I truly enjoy working with Sandeep due to his humor, humility, and insight.

Nick P

Sandeep helped take conceptual drawings and models of our combined cell-isolation liquid-handler prototype to a fully-designed, working medical instrument. Sandeep and his experienced team of engineers and machinists were able to fabricate this machine in an incredibly fast 8-week time period! During the design process, Sandeep was always available to provide feedback and recommendations on our evolving design and was more than happy to make changes on the fly. I would recommend Sandeep and his team to anyone looking to design and automate their machine.

Sam F

Great work with the layout, set-up, staffing, and thinning out of old materials. The business feels much more organized, and the location much cleaner. By the way, the system was a big hit today in its management debut. Lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’.

Greg F

I really enjoy working with Sandeep. He is a super nice guy with no hidden agenda which makes working with him very easy. He is an honorable man that I trust. I highly recommend working with him and endorse him as a customer and business partner.

Jim S

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