ISO Certified Quality

Nexus Automation maintains full enterprise certification in the strict ISO 9001:2015 quality standard – the foremost international benchmark of manufacturing quality. We also certify regularly in ISO 13485:2016, aligning our full portfolio of services with the medical device industry. Our expertise allows us to deliver industry-leading consistency and reduce defects. Any enterprise, regardless of its size or market position, can have quality comparable to a Fortune 500 multinational. From launch through maturity, our quality processes simply work better for you.

ISO Quality Standards

Our ISO 9001:2015 quality management approach streamlines processes and accelerates projects while maintaining the repeatability and refinement you expect. Our clients meet the toughest regulatory standards around the world because ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 are designed to exceed them. Our enterprise certification makes us the ideal partner in regulation-driven industries like healthcare and medical devices, where we have specific training. Proven quality approaches give you the opportunity to expand internationally faster than ever before. You never need to worry about costly and time-consuming quality audits or managing processes because Nexus Automation handles it all for you. It is the simplest turnkey solution that you can add for your CNC machining, automation, or any other design and manufacturing project.

Higher Production, Lower Costs

Higher productivity, reduced cycle time, and lower cost of ownership are all possible through end-to-end quality excellence. We have crafted our quality management and inspection processes to reduce preventable defects to the lowest levels. Our automated quality inspection and machine vision technologies give you the edge over the competition. Plus, you can maintain reliability and resilience for all your products without adding complexity. Over time, the cost savings gives you new opportunities to improve on core business without sacrificing manufacturing excellence.

Project Management

Nexus Automation empowers you to stay focused on what your business does best and leave the manufacturing and testing to us. We can even perform design work or modify your existing designs. With one easy point of contact for each project, any concerns are addressed fast. Our experience results in reliable, uniform products and low return rates – and that’s how it will stay throughout your business lifecycle, since we recertify in ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 frequently. Our experts are always reviewing your project to exceed your cost and schedule goals. Even if you need to make design changes in the middle of your project, you can rest assured you will get the outstanding quality you need.

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Precision CNC Parts

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Client Testimonials

Sandeep and his impressive team bring together a rare set of skills and have proven themselves time and again for our group at Tesla. We’ve worked with Nexus Automation for design and machining work on numerous occasions and they’ve always met our deadlines. Their process has been seamless. I like working with Sandeep because he carefully listens to our requirements and goes out of his way to offer the best solutions/consultations no matter how busy he is. Our communications have always been honest and transparent, and I find Sandeep a pleasure to work with.

Harsha M

I’m thoroughly impressed by Nexus Automation’s efficiency and quality work. We hired Nexus for a project that involved unique, complex details requiring attention to detail to tedious work — and we were impressed by the ease with which Sandeep and his team handled it all. Nexus Automation was able to accommodate our fluid schedule and completed the work ahead of schedule. Nexus team proved to us that they are more than capable of handling a project, start to finish, for high-profile, highly scrutinized industry-leading client.

Rob P

Sandeep (Nexus Automation) has provided support for numerous fast-paced projects of various sizes over the past year and half for me and my team, ranging from custom part manufacture to build-to-print systems to mechanical design. I have been able to rely on him and his team to deliver on time, and he has been able to accommodate any changes with ease. I’m continually impressed by his dedication and involvement – whenever unexpected issues come up, he steps in to quickly fight fires and solve problems. I truly enjoy working with Sandeep due to his humor, humility, and insight.

Nick P

Sandeep helped take conceptual drawings and models of our combined cell-isolation liquid-handler prototype to a fully-designed, working medical instrument. Sandeep and his experienced team of engineers and machinists were able to fabricate this machine in an incredibly fast 8-week time period! During the design process, Sandeep was always available to provide feedback and recommendations on our evolving design and was more than happy to make changes on the fly. I would recommend Sandeep and his team to anyone looking to design and automate their machine.

Sam F

Great work with the layout, set-up, staffing, and thinning out of old materials. The business feels much more organized, and the location much cleaner. By the way, the system was a big hit today in its management debut. Lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’.

Greg F

I really enjoy working with Sandeep. He is a super nice guy with no hidden agenda which makes working with him very easy. He is an honorable man that I trust. I highly recommend working with him and endorse him as a customer and business partner.

Jim S

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