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Fixture Development

We design and build custom fixtures to streamline your manual manufacturing operations and minimize costs so you can create reliable, uniform products safely and with accuracy. Our fixtures advance your product development by improving its consistency and quality. You are guaranteed to raise your economy of production and diminish employee fatigue by transferring time-consuming repetitive tasks to customized ergonomic fixtures. Our experienced engineers ask the right questions to design your ideal fixture, which will ultimately reduce your requirement for skilled labor so you can focus on your next big project.

Proof of Concept

For twenty years, our industry-leading clients have entrusted us to automate their most inventive ideas. From simple to complex processes, we provide solutions to your state-of-the-art manufacturing concepts. We thoroughly examine your requirements to build a flexible system that can test multiple processes—so you can select the best mechanism for commercial production and dramatically accelerate your new product introduction to the market. Our proof-of-concept machines include full documentation and troubleshooting expertise. Impress your clients, partners and investors with our aesthetically sound, failsafe machines.

Build to Print

Provide us with your design or models and we will build your machine, with drafting, assembly, testing and complete documentation included. Because our core competencies are in the design and development of complete systems, we understand exactly what it takes to build a high-quality product based on your original prints. We’re uniquely positioned to create entire systems as a one-stop shop with full capabilities. Over the years, we’ve saved our clients countless hours from outsourcing various aspects of their machine. And, our engineers design for manufacturability (DFM) to extend the best value to you.

Complete Automation

Increase your throughput, accelerate your product’s time to market and see a faster return on investment with a fully automated system. Our facility is equipped with the latest technologies in design, 3D modeling, controls software and high-precision tools, such as wire EDM and CNC machines. Our savvy engineers, with extensive experience in process and system integration, will comply with regulations to design and build your system. These capabilities translate into faster turnaround, lower costs, efficient project management— with one point of contact—and more free time for you to focus on your business.


These instruments demonstrate a broad spectrum of applications and complexity. Click each one and learn more about the clients’ challenges and our solutions.

Our client in pharmaceutical industry required a solution to a repetitive process of placing an O-ring onto a vial. We designed and built this fixture (with two handed safety operation) to automatically place O-rings, resulting in productive workers, larger throughput and reduce failure rate.

The client presented issues with existing manual process: unsafe, repetitive motion, inflexible, slow and inconsistent. The system designed was fail-safe that allowed punching of steel arrays from any of the number of positions. The throughput was increased more than 5X. The machine was design with simplicity in mind and presented with a very intuitive user interface on the HMI.

Our client needed to automate assembly of their diagnostic cards with small membranes (3.175mm in diameter and 5mm L x 1mm W). Nexus built two such reel-to-reel, benchtop machines that punched and precisely placed the membrane on the card at multiple places. The clients cost in materials were reduced by 50% as these machines shifted the entire reel-to-reel mechanism in Y-axis so that two pieces of membrane could be punched out from one plane.

The unique requirements for this system included the need to process a single part in multiple configurations while maintaining a minimal footprint. A linear transport system carried each part to the process station that was required for the pre-selected configuration. This included precisely punching-and-placing (PnP) a clear film or a metalized foil which was then heat sealed (HS) to the part. The system also dispensed four different fluids into 20 wells in two predefined configuration.

This fixture was designed to alleviate a medical device client's concern with repetitive motion stress disorder caused by placing uncapping and capping a vial. The resulting fixture featured multiple micrometers for fine adjustments for the different sizes of vials.

During the development of real-time DNA sequencing chips a repeatable cleaning process was required. This prototype system provided solvent based cleaning of up to eight chips per cycle. To provide flexibility during process and product development multiple solvent dispensing manners were incorporated in the design. Programmable cleaning patterns were also included within the CE compliant design.

After spending large amounts of money in implementing this system to produce a drug, Nexus was hired to replicate the system. We reviewed the client process and safety requirements and built a system that was much more automated, failsafe and user friendly for integration in to other processes.

The customer required a user-friendly compact system, with fully automated process capability centered on repeatability and quality. An eight station rotary dial plate was used to transport and introduce each part to precision process stations. Magazines were provided for loading base components and unloading finished product. The machine includes pick and place, magnet placement, heat staking, dispensing of adhesive gasket (reel-to-reel), part flipping and heat sealing. Two discrete vision inspection stations provide dynamic process control and placement accuracy of key components. Fully interlocked safety enclosure provides operator safety while the Touch Screen HMI facilitates ease of control.

The requirements defined for the packing and assembly of explosive detonator caps demanded special attention to operator safety and compliance with applicable OSHA standards. A rotary cylinder provided repeatable material packing pressure for each cup. To ensure consistent performance of each device, the detonator end is crimped to the cup with precise force.

This prototype machine automated the process of placing 3uL of glue on the outside of a steel tube (approx 5mm tall x 5mm dia) which was place inside of a ceramic washer. This system dramatically improved throughput and workers quality of life.

After exhausting large amounts of monetary resources and time with another vendor, Nexus Automation was entrusted with the task of designing and building a liquid handler to isolate circulating tumor cells from blood cells. Nexus Automation designed and built two identical systems, from concept to creation, in 8 weeks at less than 20% of the cost and 4X the throughput.

This automated assembly station featured stations that were custom designed by us as well as those integrated. The system included custom stations for web handling, punches with secondary actuations, pick-n-place with intricate end effectors and leak detection, as well as integrations of web cleaning and static guard, a 4-axis Adept robot, a vision system, thermo-forming, impulse welding.


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About Us

We make automation easy for you.

Nexus Automation was founded with a vision to make manufacturing processes efficient through automation. We provide world-class solutions that are aimed at accelerating time-to-market for your product—increasing production and reducing costs—with integrity and the highest quality. Each machine is characterized by our values: safety, functionality, serviceability and aesthetics.

For 20 years, we have built automated equipment ranging from small fixtures to fully automated systems for early stage startups to Fortune 500 companies in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical device, semi-conductor, electronics and automotive industries.

Whether you are new to automation or a seasoned veteran, we will make your vision a reality by guiding you through each stage of design, manufacture and implementation with appropriate visualization and project management tools. Our experienced engineers provide unique insights into building a system that results in seamless integration in design and manufacturing at faster development cycles and reduced costs.

Nexus Automation has designed and built hundreds of custom devices and instruments utilizing various applications such as assembly, processing and packaging, dispensing, laminating, cutting, punching, thermo-forming, web-handling, heat sealing, laser cutting/ marking, vision and laser inspection, and many more.

  • Safety

    Your safety is of utmost importance to us. Each of our machines is designed and built to operate in a failsafe mode. Keeping employees injury-free helps maintain morale and retention, and reduces your liability. It’s our priority to build machines you can rely on.

  • Functionality

    Our collaboration with you throughout the design and build of your machine ensures that your equipment operates the way you intended. That is why we adamantly uphold and perform factory acceptance tests to guarantee no piece of equipment leaves our facility until you are fully satisfied.

  • Serviceability

    Each of our machines is designed to be serviced with ease. We take your experience with the equipment seriously and want to ensure a smooth process. Our machines are designed to minimize the number of steps the operator has to perform. And if at any time you require repair, replacement of parts, or service of your machine, we’re just a phone call away.

  • Aesthetics

    Our extensive experience has led to our belief that operators are more motivated to care for your equipment when it looks as good as it operates. We take great pride in making sure that your machine looks appealing and is aesthetically at its best. Your clients and investors will be impressed with the superior design and quality of your equipment.

Our Team

Our team has over a hundred years of combined experience and limitless imagination.
Sandeep Patel
Sandeep Patel
Sandeep single-handedly developed a successful multimillion dollar business. His motivation, creativity and entrepreneurial mindset formed in childhood, growing up in a remote village in India (population 650). He sold marbles for extra income and made toys from scrap plastic, transforming it into cricket balls and trucks. His imagination, determination and hard work eventually led to B.A. in Molecular Cell Biology at U.C. Berkeley and M.B.A. from The Wharton School.
Vinita Chaturvedi
Vinita Chaturvedi
Vinita is responsible for product marketing and brand management. She brings almost 15 years of experience marketing major brands. At Nexus Automation, she defines the overall business strategy and direction of the company. She provides oversight, expertise and leadership to ensure the delivery of all marketing directives. Vinita has a B.A. in English Literature from the University of California, San Diego and an M.A. from the University of Chicago.
Robert A. Wilk
Robert A. Wilk
Industrial Design Engineer
Bob has more than 30 years of mechanical design experience. He has been awarded several patents. His ability to bring products to market in an expedient fashion with great attention to detail has enabled many of his product designs to achieve unparalleled success. Bob excels at interfacing effectively with with tooling vendors, manufacturers and assembly groups, ensuring a smooth product lifecycle, from concept through consumer distribution.
Robert Hastie
Robert Hastie
Senior Automation Engineer
Bob has worked in systems integration around the globe and across a broad spectrum of industries for more than 20 years. His roles have included senior project engineer and director of manufacturing. Bob has designed and supervised the construction of large systems for industrial automation projects. As a mechanical development engineer, he developed robotic work-cells using GE Fanuc Robots and Siemens/TI PLCS.

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